OMFG. I’m in a SPIDER-MAN comic book!!! \(^_^)/

Posted on 14 April 2010

Is your spidey sense tingling yet? (Or are you just happy to see me?) Because the amazing artist and magnificent son of a gun JIM MAHFOOD @#$%ing drew me into a SPIDER-MAN comic!!! Say WHAAAT?! “Web of Spider-Man” #7 hits the stands today, check it out:

Spidey sense is tingling!

There I am in the middle, photographing a fashion show where Mary Jane is doing some runway modeling. I’m surrounded by my fellow photographer friends, Akirophoto, Jeffrey Shagawat, Carmen “Jane Dope” Acosta, and Mat Havaianas! And I’ve got a friggin’ speedlight in my left hand — how do you like that, my fellow Strobists?

That. Is. So. @#$%ing. RAD!!!

Reading comics was such a BIG part of my childhood, and a good portion of my adult life. I have many fond memories of quiet afternoons with a tall glass of ice tea and a taller stack of comics. They’re like my moments of Zen. And I was born in New York City, so I @#$%ing love my friendly neighborhood Spider-Man (he does whatever a spider can…)! I used to even read Peter Porker: The Spectacular Spider-Ham as a kid. You have to truly love comics to appreciate that.

So making a cameo in a SPIDER-MAN comic is such an AWESOME honor for me. Especially because it was drawn by such a great friend and one of my favorite comic artists of all time. Seriously, when Jim showed me this panel, I almost shouted “GET THE @#$% OUT!!!” and passed out on his rug.

Alllll his work in this issue is just brilliant and WICKED. He makes Spider-Man look sooo fresh. It’s a cool issue so drop by your local comic shop today before it’s gone! Here’s a sneak peek of Jim’s sweet original pencils and inks for this Spidey comic on his Flickr:

And if ya haven’t already, check out his website and blog.

Coincidentally, at 5:00 AM this very morning, I woke up to my girlfriend Jen’s blood curdling scream. Which made me scream. Which made her scream again. There was a lot of screaming. Because there was a big ass meaty spider on the bed! So I think it was a good omen. But if not, then at the very least, I hope we become radioactive.

Anyway… I just wanna say, Jim Mahfood, I @#$%ing LOVE you! I mean it. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart! This totally made my day.

Love always,
Your friendly neighborhood spider-photographer

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  • Jane Dope says:

    I love this…and you….and MAHFOOOOOD!

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