Exhibition: METATRON TIPI Installation

Posted on 09 May 2014

Tonight, the Grace & Ritual art show opens at i am 8 bit gallery in Los Angeles. This year’s theme is Hidden, so I won’t reveal much about my newest installation (titled #selflove) until after this evening’s opening reception. (7-11pm, come on by!) But in the meantime, here’s some photos from my art installation last year, the METATRON TIPI, inspired by the sacred geometry of the Metatron’s Cube. (See below for the Artist’s Statement about the piece.)

Thank you so very much to awesome curator, Amanda White, the rad folks at i am 8 bit gallery and the Grace & Ritual roster of wonderful artists. It is a joy and honor to exhibit and work with all of you last year, and again this year.

And much love and thanks to my friends Ash & Sean for helping me cut down and lug all that bamboo in their Volvo, and assemble this METATRON TIPI sacred space that made so many people feel, “balanced, relaxed and at peace.”

This installation project was very special to me, so my eternal gratitude to all involved, and everyone who came to see the show and graced the METATRON TIPI with their good vibes and loving energy. I hope to see some of you at the gallery again this evening.


The METATRON TIPI on opening night, May 2013

Stitch and friends inside the METATRON TIPI

Caitlin Hornshaw inside the tipi

The cutest art critic EVER

Fellow Grace & Ritual artist, Diva Zappa

Writer and Time-Traveler, Nick Hurwitch, author of So You Created a Wormhole

Little Broseph chillin' in the tipi

Oh geez, adorable babies just loved the tipi!

The Hexahedron within

The original Metatron's Cube floor pencil schematics on linen

Curator Amanda White inside the Metatron Tipi

Osho Tarot readings inside the tipi

Ash and Sean helping me assemble the tipi

The METATRON TIPI by Love Ablan

Grace & Ritual 2013 Art Show Flyer

: : : : : : Original Artist’s Statement on the METATRON TIPI : : : : : : :

I’ve been exploring experiential convergence spaces that raise vibrational energy in my installation and sculptural work. My original idea behind the Metatron Tipi was to create a comfortable safe haven where one could choose to interact with other human beings on a more intimate level beyond the average small talk, or to embrace meditation and solitude, providing a respite from the incessant hamster-wheel of the mind, and perhaps even experience a connection with a higher consciousness or the Universal mind.

Traditionally, most tipi foundations are constructed as either the 4-poles tent square base, or the conical base which has an average of 12-17 poles. But instead I took inspiration from sacred geometry and placed the structural poles in mathematical alignment to the outermost points of the Metatron’s Cube.

In ancient Rabbinic and Masonic texts, the Metatron is the highest of archangels and is also known as the celestial scribe or Voice of God, and that his cube is the key to understanding the Tree of Life.

In mathematics, the Metatron’s Cube is a geometric figure of thirteen circles with connecting lines at the center points, which contains the Platonic solids (polyhedrons with the same number of faces meeting at each vertex) which philosopher Plato believed linked the spirit world to our physical plane. The Metatron’s Cube is also a shape found within the Flower of Life symbol, which is said to be the blueprint of the Universe, containing the basis of the design of every atom, molecular structure and all of creation. The geometrics of the Metatron’s Cube itself can be found in everything from snowflakes and human DNA. One of the many shapes inside the Metatron’s Cube is a hexagram, also known as the Star of David in Judaism.

Known in mathematics as the magic cube, I particularly highlighted the Hexahedron shape in neon tape on the floor of the tipi, a reference to the third dimension or transcending the physical plane.

The Metatron Tipi is constructed out of found objects. The bamboo poles were randomly found on Craigslist for free. And the fabrics are used painters tarps given to me by fashion designer, Oanh Doan.

The curious thing is on the day I built the tipi (with the help of Ash & Sean of Hive Creative, Los Angeles), a couple of synergies occurred. By implementing the math of the Metatron’s Cube shape, the poles held together with a natural equilibrium. Everything just kind of came together organically, from the height and angles of the poles, to having just the right amount of fabric to cover it, and just enough pins to keep make it work.

Another coincidence, after draping the fabric onto the poles, I noticed that there is a faded, stamped print on the front marked US with a caduceus — a winged staff with two intertwining snakes, most often used as a symbol for medical and healing practices. Leading us to believe the tarps are actually old military surgical sheets. (The splatters on the fabric are spay paint and wood stain, not blood, as far as I can tell. All the paint and patterns on the fabric were already there, including a reverse stencil of a church inside of a sun, which I did not notice until the day of construction.)

Now, the Metatron is also known as Thoth to the Egyptians, or Hermes to the ancient Greeks. The unexpected link here that I didn’t realize until after we finished constructing the tipi and I was meditating barefoot inside, is that I have Hermes’ wing tattooed on my ankle — an old tattoo I got spontaneously over ten years ago. As the messenger of the Gods, Hermes was thought to walk freely between the worlds of the mortal and the divine, and was often depicted with a winged cap, winged sandals, and coincidentally… a caduceus!

With all of these random synergies, I’d like to believe that the Metatron’s Tipi really is a sacred space where anyone can employ rituals to experience the ecstasy of higher consciousness and a connection with the Universe. Almost like a cosmic teleportation device. But all mystical context and wishful-thinking aside, simply watching people of all ages laugh and dance and play and whisper secrets inside the tipi filled me with the purest joy. A number of people said that being inside the Metatron’s Tipi made them feel free, peaceful, happy, light and balanced. Having touched other people through the creative process makes the tipi installation a very magical and spiritual place for me. But it was everyone’s positive energy that truly activated the tipi with life and love, and the beauty and grace of humanity.

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