Work: Edward Norton for Verizon Commercial

Posted on 19 December 2013

Can you jump on a plane at 4:30AM to photograph Edward Norton for Verizon?”

There’s really no other acceptable response to that question, is there? And hesitation is not an option on an assignment like this. So, about 6 1/2 hours later, well before the sunrise, I sped down Highway 30, rushed through the PDX airport parking garage, ran down the carpeted corridors, anxiously huffed and puffed at the TSA checkpoint while they leisurely scanned my camera bags, then in a last-minute dash, sprinted to the gate like a frightened gazelle, and by the sheer grace of the Powers That Be, barely made it on board my flight just before the doors closed, Indiana Jones-style. Whew! Luck be a lady, that early morning.

The funny thing is that the “48 Hours” commercial itself plays out much like my entire trip to Los Angeles, minus the karaoke part. I’d tell you guys more of my crazy adventures that week, but, I’m (as usual) running off to work right now, so perhaps I’ll save these tales for another time.

Besides, the first rule of photographing Edward Norton is… you DON’T TALK about photographing Edward Norton.

I will say though, he’s really gracious and very cool about having his picture taken, which I genuinely appreciate. It was an honor to work with him, and with all of the cast & crew of this very fun commercial. It’s always a joy and relief to work with such consummate professionals. (Also, the goat and ferrets were pretty rad too!) Much thanks to Verizon and the agency, and everyone I worked with on this assignment for such a wonderful experience. And I am so very thankful to director of social media videos, Adele, for believing in my skills and vision, and flying me out to do the job, when L.A. already has such an abundance of talented photographers. I feel incredibly grateful and blessed for the opportunity. Thank you!

Anyway, without further ado, here is the awesome commercial — enjoy!

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