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Posted on 23 February 2009

This is my first official WordPress post, which is probably a bad idea because I was working last night until the sun came up. So I’m running on 4 hours of sleep, and I’m straight up delirious.

I’ve been sleep deprived all week. Which is actually a good thing. I’m grateful to be busy with new work and projects after a pretty rough economic abyss this last holiday season where it felt like nobody was hiring (or paying) until they sorted out their own volatile finances. (I’ve never eaten so much spaghetti in my life.) I will say one thing, desperation is a great motivator so I’ve been hustling harder than I ever have before. And I’m thrilled that it’s been working and jobs are finally coming in again.

The last three weeks have been especially good, as the projects that I’ve worked on have been challenging on many levels and I’ve been able to try out ambitious stuff that miraculously worked. I’m convinced I’m experiencing some kind of breakthrough, as if my proverbial creative testicles have finally dropped which allows me to make some “ballsy” choices. Now this could be the lack of sleep talking. (Clearly.) But regardless, I’m excited and optimistic. I think 2009 is going to be a good year for everyone.

One rad shoot I worked on recently was a feature on Jim Mahfood (aka Food One) for BPM Magazine. Derek (aka AkiroPhoto) and I tag-teamed with our cameras, while Jim painted his bold, graphic illustrations on a foxy model named Kat who had nothing on except panties and a couple of inches of painter’s tape on her nipples. (I know I know, sometimes my life is SO hard.) Jim rocked some amazing art work on her and the pictures came out really well, in my opinion. We’re all super happy with the results, so we’ve agreed to collaborate again someday soon. I look forward to our future joint endeavors.

I wanna send out mad props to Food One for such a fun shoot, and also for drawing me and the gang in his latest edition of Los Angeles Ink Stains #12 (Jen and Derek look so frrrreaking cute in comic-book form, I love it!):

It’s true, when it comes to work, I don’t fuck around.

FoodOne L.A. InkStains #12 Thumbnail

Jim has been one of my favorite artists since back in the day, long before we actually met. I totally dug his art work in Grrl Scouts, Clerks, We Love Porn and Stupid Comics. So it’s a genuine honor to be immortalized in his dope style, just doing my usual thing — schlepping around an assload of lighting gear, taking lots of crazy pictures (preferably with half-naked models), processing them in Lightroom the next day and then drinking some cold frosty beers at a local bar to celebrate a job well done.

This comic page rocks my socks. In fact, it kind of makes my brain explode from the sheer awesomeness. I almost feel like Green Arrow, wondering how the hell I got drawn into a Justice League comic when all I do is shoot stuff. Thanks for making me feel like a superhero, Jim! You are the cat’s pajamas.

And on that happy note, I’m off to meet with the Miracle Whips at 9:30pm. There‚Äôs no rest for the wicked. Nor for the hustling freelancer. But I can’t complain when every day is like a crazy comic book adventure. POW!

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