Behind the Scenes: HI FASHION – Pupusa Music Video

Posted on 17 July 2013

Three days later and I’m STILL reeling from our music video shoot for HI FASHION. It was (and is) a cosmic explosion of dance and music and visual expression. BOOOOOOOOOOOM! And a new, interstellar nebulae was born in the chaos, and expands into the ether of space… I really have no way to articulate the whole experience in words. I can’t even. I can’t. But this LOLcat kindaaaa sez it all:

There was just SO MUCH… EPIC-ness. The costumes and color palettes are like a cross between X-Men vs Thundercats vs TRON. There’s sacred geometry, graffiti street art, neon blacklight, war paint, confetti canons, and slow-motion fringe in the wind. My brain can’t even process it all yet. My pupils dilate to Anime-size every time I review the footage, it’s all so absurdly wonderful. On playback, you can actually hear me going, “WTF!!!! OMG!!! WTFFFKKKKKK??!!!!” and everyone else on-set (especially Rick, haha) just moaning and hollering in ecstatic delight. So good.

I’m also still reeling from the sheer tidal wave force of incredible talent and creative energy that every single person brought to set. Everyone and every thing was on point. The hair, make-up, wardrobe, choreography, sets, props, camera, lights, food, location, rentals, setting up, wrapping up, ALL of it. The entire production went so smoothly, I couldn’t have asked for a more efficient team. And the performers and dancers, goodness gracious, they BROUGHT IT. There was twerking, there was freaking, there was krumping, there was fan dancing, there was twitching seizures, there was kinetic movement that defies definition. And the outfits are INSANE, so put all of that together, and it’s just total sensory overload.

I am truly blessed to have worked with such a passionate and professional team of creative people on this music video. SOOOO MUCH LOVE, THANKS & HOTTT PUPUSAS to: Jen DM, Rick, Lou, Danny, Marco, Jake, Jarek, Britt, Natty, Jam, Maurice, Anna, Kate, Vera, Jessica and Alex. You guys all rock my stripe-y socks off, and I am so grateful for your time and talents, and your beautiful existence in this grand Universe. Everyone’s good vibes and high-energy just made the shoot so much fun, and I think it’s gonna show in the final cut of the music video. Lightning in a bottle, my dear friends. WE HAZ IT. ^_^

And so… now I’m off to hunker down in the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego to make my key selects and begin the editing process with our awesome editor, Alexandria Scott. We’re planning for a Fall release. Until then, here’s some of my behind-the-scenes iPhone pix. You can also look up #theworldofhifashion on Instagram for everyone’s photos from on-set.

Pupusa Music Video BTS

Natalya, Jen DM and Jam represent Los Angeles with our neighborhood homies.

Pupusa Music Video BTS

Rick devastates, in yo face!

Pupusa Music Video BTS

Jen DM at the Altar of the Hexahedron

Pupusa Music Video BTS

Maurice, Guardian of the Cube of Knowledge

Pupusa Music Video BTS

The Neon Priestess

Pupusa Music Video BTS

The Knights of Neon

Pupusa Music Video BTS

Stray cat strut with Anna Curtis

Pupusa Music Video BTS

Kate, Vera and Anna on the RIGHT side of the train tracks.

Pupusa Music Video BTS

Camera Dept: Jarek, Britt and me. GO TEAM! ...STEVE HOLT!!!

Pupusa Music Video BTS

The A-CAM view from Video Village

Pupusa Music Video BTS

And that's a wrap...

Pupusa Music Video BTS

Found on the train tracks: plushie of Edvard Munch's The Scream

Crazy, right??? Wait ’til you see all of this madness set to fantastic music! It’s gonna be… intense. I can’t wait to share it with you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

p.s. This is how fun it was on set. Because even though we had a girrrrrlzillion things to do all at once, we still had time to get a soft shoe in. (I <3 these boys so much!!!)

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