Portrait: Wendy Chin, Sugarpusher

Posted on 23 October 2012

Today’s portrait is of my dear friend, art director and illustrator, Wendy Chin. Some of you may know her as WendyPants or Sugarpusher, though I prefer to call her ‘Mocha Cub’. (She calls me ‘Spicy Chai’ — I don’t remember why we have nicknames that sound like Starbucks menu items…)

Wendy was also in a band, Music For Girls. This is one of her rad songs which makes me happy every time it pops up randomly on shuffle. It could melt a heart of stone. Please have a listen!

Bird Girl, sung by Wendy Pants


Wendy and I first met a long time ago, in a comic book store far, far away… in a galaxy known as Midtown Manhattan. She was the cool, arty cashier with blue hair. I was the film-school weirdo wearing flannel and glasses, buying questionable Manga from the restricted section. While ringing up my embarrassingly absurd comic book selections, she looked up and deadpanned, “We should be friends.” It was like a still moment right out of Daniel Clowes’ Ghost World, hahaha. Needless to say, we’ve been good friends ever since.

We’ve shared countless adventures together through the years, and were roomies in an awesome artists loft by Little Tokyo for a short spell. (I love that there’s a random ‘pimp cane’ leaning against the steel column in that post-party picture.) We even “summered on the Cape” once — you have to say that in a snooty, nasally, hoity-toity accent. Though we met in the Big Apple, these photos were taken at my old studio in Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles.


Wendy is back in our mutual hometown of NYC these days, painting the town ‘Rubber Duck Yellow’, I imagine. But she’s actually coming to visit Hollyweird this weekend, yaaaay! Brunch will be had… Mimosas will flow… Lolcats and walrus buckets will be referenced… Quotes from classic Eddie Murphy movies will be exchanged… Cute drawlin’s will be draw-ed… A lovely time will be had by all. I can’t wait.

See ya in a few days, Mocha Cub! I miss yer face.

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  • derek says:

    Sid and I love the song! :)

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