Event: L.A. Ink Stains Prom & book release party!

Posted on 31 May 2012

Hey. You. Let’s go to prom. I’m serious. F’reals.

What it is, you ask? Fast facts to get you up to speed:

• My homie Jim Mahfood is an awesome artist. You may have seen his work in comic books such as Clerks, Grrl Scouts, Spider-Man, Heavy Metal and the upcoming Tank Girl. (Yeah, THAT Tank Girl.)
• For the last couple of years, he’s been making a web comic called L.A. Ink Stains which is an honest autobiography of his crazy fun life
• I make a number of appearances in said comic, along with my friends, as we get swept up in wacky, hilarious adventures with Jim (see panels below)
• Image Comics has compiled all the issues into a sweet ass graphic novel book! DOPE.
• To celebrate the release of this rad book, Jim’s hosting an epic PROM party on June 16th, 2012 at the awesome Titmouse Animation Studio in Hollywood
• Everybody is welcome to come party! As long as you’re over 18. You just gotta cough up some dough for a ticket. Or.. volunteer to get in for free!
• Oh, and if you do come, you gotta wear black & white. That’s the theme. Because life is one big comic book panel after all.

I think this video probably explains it better than I have, and it has some classic dance sequences, so it’s worth the watch:

In order to further entice you to going to prom, I am posting my actual prom picture against my better judgement. You know, the little black dress is alright. But I honestly don’t know what’s worse — the Marge Simpson beehive hairdo, the Audrey Hepburn satin sleeved gloves, or the huge ass Mr. T gold chain. (I pity the fool who makes fun of my gold chain.) What was I thinking??

Love Ivan Prom

And now, here’s panels from Ink Stains Issue #45, where I make a cameo (word up!). In this scene, King Gum, Jim, me and Dezastro are at the amazing PRINCE concert. (I almost always have a camera around my neck in Jim’s comic, which amuses me to no end.)

Ink Stains - Prince Concert Panels
Prince got us all pregnant that night with his baby-making music. TRUE STORY.

And here’s another one that talks about the collaboration project I’m working on with Jim:

Jim Mahfood's Los Angeles Ink Stains #36

Comic panels illustrated by Jim Mahfood

Anyway, Ink Stains is such a fun read even if you don’t know any of us, so do pick up the book. And seriously, come to prom if you can. I know it’s gonna be a night of epic fun, and we’ve got DJ Mahf and DJ Expo on the turntables. And of course, there will be Jim, Jane Dope, King Gum, Bad Andy, Steven Soria, Sandra, Miles, Kat, Dan Z and the whole cast of Ink Stains getting smashed and dancing our asses off to classic hip hop and funksplosion. Let’s party like it’s 2012, people!

You know, I wonder what kind of classic movie prom scene it’s gonna be like… Pretty in Pink? Footloose? Carrie? Dare I say it… Twilight? I personally hope it’s like the scene from She’s All That (or Not Another Teen Movie), cuz I’m a sucker for “impromptu” choreographed synchronized dancing.

Thanks to Jim, Jane Dope and the gang for putting this event together. I’m pretty excited about it, though to be honest, I have NO IDEA what I’m gonna wear to prom. With any luck, maybe I can find another Mr. T gold chain.

All I know is, this party is gonna be LEGENDARY! It’s one for the books. The comic books, that is! So come to prom with the Ink Stains Gang this June 16th, and the prom committee will sign your yearbook!



p.s. Need a prom date? Try this, I hear it’s effective way to ask someone out to prom. That is, if you wanna go to prom with your grandma.

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