New Works: Elemental Birds, El Danito and Mazzy Star

Posted on 13 March 2012

This is my piece for the Elementals Birds multi-media art installation curated by Inga and Andy Hamilton. A traveling installation, it’s already exhibited at the Richard F. Brush Gallery at St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York. This Thursday it is going to open in the R-Space at The Linen Rooms Lisburn in Northern Ireland!!!

p.s. I’m on Instagram now! My life is complete.

What’s really awesome about the Elementals Birds exhibit is that it’s a special experiment where the curators asked the participating artists to physically embody feelings of peace, harmony and goodwill into their work so that it would become the manifestations of thoughts and action.

I chose to work with a simple cow print because I am moving into a far more minimalist phase in my life — I’m purging the majority of my possessions and putting only the most meaningful things into a small storage pod to make myself more mobile. But I also chose that specific animal pattern because in the last year, even a stubborn bullheaded Taurus like myself (one that usually prefers to maintain the status quo) openly embraced the wicked winds of change, learned how to fly and gained freedom in the process.

I am so incredibly honored and grateful to have been invited to participate in this art installation. The project gave me a lot to really meditate on and it was refreshing to work on something that wasn’t about making something look cool, but about being totally honest and positive. So I send my deepest love and gratitude to Inga and Andy, and to all of the artists and galleries that have made this experiment a reality. For more info about the art installation, please check out the blog!

In other recent art, I drew a portrait of my friend and fellow filmmaker El Danito, who is an amazing creative soul, not to mention a Fulbright Fellow. I promised him long ago that I would draw his beautiful face someday, so I decided to surprise him on Valentine’s Day. (Dani, thanks for being a friend and an inspiration. Oaxaca calls to us both!)

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, I released this little homebrew video of me and my friend Natalya Oliver performing a cover of Mazzy Star‘s Into Dust on Feb 14th. I hope you guys enjoy! Much thanks to Natty for spending a silly afternoon with me to make a spur of the moment video without any real practice together — I know we’re gonna make more fun videos in the near future. And thanks to my guitar teacher Jared for all of his guidance with my plinka-plink-ing, which I love to do so much.

I’m feeling extra grateful for everything today for some reason, so I just want to thank you for checking out this blog post. Yay!

Now off I go to finish cleaning out my studio before I move out at the end of the month. Much thanks to Jen, Michael, Zarah, Derek, Valeria, David and everyone that bought and/or helped me get rid of all my stuff. You guys are awesome friends. It feels very liberating and I’m looking forward to being able to travel more now. Discardia = fun fun fun!

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