Flickr Pix: S.F. Folsom Road Trip

Posted on 10 October 2011

I recently took a drive up north to shoot coverage of the band Hi Fashion, for their performance at the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. Folsom was a trip! I haven’t seen THAT much leather since I was in the Design Within Reach showroom, looking at sofas.

The Hi Fashion live set was just totally amazing and the crowd of thousands were just happily dancing in the streets to their music. So great! I’m sure they’ll be posting videos soon.

The whole S.F. trip was just rad. I got to spend some quality time with the band (they are a barrel of laughs and inspiration) and reconnect with old friends, Dara from my childhood and Devon from my crazy art school days at SVA. I also got to squeeze in a portrait session with author Tania Hammidi for her upcoming book project. And I got to eat my weight in roti from my favorite Indonesian restaurant, Borobudur. (I could take a bath in that dipping sauce.)

On the last night, me and Layla went bar hopping until we eventually wound up at the Lexington. While I was there, I got photographed for a social interaction art project blog. Pretty funny. I’m not gonna post the link though, because I look fairly intoxicated and my shirt is, for some reason, wet. (I was carrying a lot of drinks, ok??)

Anyway, back to the whole reason for the road trip –– next to the band’s spectacular live performance (which involved fantastic dancers and exploding cannons), the other best part of the trip was the hotel slumber party. What, you might ask, is a slumber party with Hi Fashion like? Well.. it’s kinda like THIS!

Total gigglefest! These guys are seriously the BEST band to ever tour with, every person on their team is just awesome! They’re just some of the nicest, coolest, funnest, most professional people in the music biz that you could ever meet. I really hope I get a chance to travel with them again soon.

Anyhoo, here’s some random pix from the S.F. trip:

SF Folsom Road Trip

SF Folsom Road Trip

SF Folsom Road Trip

SF Folsom Road Trip

SF Folsom Road Trip

SF Folsom Road Trip

SF Folsom Road Trip

You can view the rest of the pictures in the following Flickr set (please note, you will have to login to see the restricted photos — let’s just say there was a whole lotta ****s and ******s at Folsom. Oh my!):

[ ::: S.F. Folsom Road Trip ::: ]

And be sure to check out some of their fab music videos on the Hi Fashion YouTube channel! Just like the signs at the Market Street Cinema marquee says, “See the beauty! Touch the magic!”

p.s. After I left the band and headed down the Pacific Coast Highway, I wound up in Big Sur. And that was another craaaaazy story altogether.

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