Flickr Pix: KISS ME Production Stills

Posted on 30 September 2011

Here are some of my favorite stills from filmmaker Jules Nurrish‘s latest film, Kiss Me. You can see all 500 pix in the following Flickr set:

[ KISS ME Production Stills ]

It was a really fun production, the narrative about a boxer questioning whether or not he should continue to fight. We shot some scenes in an old school boxing club in L.A. that has this amazing mural of Muhammad Ali, and an authentic smell of sweat and determination soaked into the dusty walls.

Great location, and the actors were just fantastic! You really felt for them when you heard the *thwack* of the punches landing. The boxers were so much fun to photograph. On one particularly busy shoot day with a ton of extras and people milling about, I totally laughed out loud when I overheard someone say: “I may be a lesbian, but these are some HOT guys!” I concur.

BIG props to the awesome cast and crew, they’re all champions in my book! And I hope to work with them in or out of the ring again someday soon. Be sure to check out Jules’ website for info on when Kiss Me is released and see some of her other work. (I’m a fan of her short film Hard Times about an all-female heist. “It’s all fist fights and stolen gold in the Mojave desert with a rock and roll soundtrack.” Watch it on Vimeo!)

Now onto the pictures… Round 1! Ding ding!










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  • Moof says:

    You’ve outdone yourself. These are AMAZING.

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