Can you spot the Buffy reference in our music video?

Posted on 23 February 2011

Today is Ex-Boyfriends drummer Chriso‘s birthday, so it’s a good time to share a lil’ secret. I’ve known Chriso for many years, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer always seems to come up in our conversations. So I put an obscure Buffy reference into the music video just for him. Even he doesn’t know what it is yet! Are you the chosen one who can spot it? Watch the Uh-Oh! music video again, think it over carefully… When you’re ready, scroll down to the bottom of this blog post to see the magic revealed before your very eyes!

In music video news, it’s received over 6,500+ views!!! I was gonna be happy if 100 people saw it. So I’m super excited we broke not just 1000, but 5000 already. Huge thanks to everyone who has re-posted it! Here’s just some of the links — let me know if you see any others:

Logo’s NewNowNext Blog “And from Cali, the almost bearishly adorable gay trio Ex-Boyfriends have debuted a killer new video today for their song “Uh-Oh.” The song is an upbeat break-up song, and the video is gorgeous, cool and romantically peppy too. It’s sad–but then it’s not. Awwwwww.”
Queerty Music News (according to Google Translate, they call the Ex-Boyfriends, “Famous American Band” — yeah!)
La Tata Extranjera
• And then there’s my favorite blog post about the music video, which actually comes from Chriso himself!

Okay, now are you finally ready to see the obscure Buffy reference?

Here’s a hint… it’s in the set design! Check it out:

Yes, it’s Sappho’s love poem painted on Tara’s back! And we even drew a little Willow tree on the dry-erase board! +3 bonus points if you can name the episode it’s from.

Happy birthday to Chriso!!! You make me… compleeeete! ahhhhhh… ahhhh… ahhhhh… ahhhhhhhh……


4 responses to Can you spot the Buffy reference in our music video?

  • HOLY SHIT! That IS obscure! I love their kitty in that episode.

  • Rhonda says:

    God lawd but that’s OBSCURE!!! I haven’t watched the show in so long I hadn’t caught that. LOL

  • chriso says:

    Haha, “Famous American Band”! If only!!! I love this reference – it’s geekalicious!

  • Laurie says:

    I totally spotted that! But not until I was looking for a Buffy reference. Awesome! Knew exactly what it was when I saw it too. The episode was Restless, I believe– it was the season 4 finale.

    I might have a Buffy problem.

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