Music Video: Uh-Oh! by Ex-Boyfriends

Posted on 14 February 2011

This Valentine’s Day I wanna share a special music video I made with my friends, for a song that I love, from a band that I love. I’m very happy to present the video for Uh-Oh! by Ex-Boyfriends! I hope you guys dig it. And if ya do, please re-post, or comment, or make a video response! All feedback is welcome and appreciated. <3

Here it is on the Ex-Boyfriend's YouTube channel. You can also click this link to see the super sharp and crispy HD version of Uh-Oh! on Vimeo:

The credits are at the end with the bloopers (those clumsy kids crack me up! I actually couldn’t shoot for 10 minutes after that happened because I was seriously doubled over cry/laughing), but here they are in detail on the title card graphic:

Ex-Boyfriends Uh-Oh! Music Video Title Card

There was SO much heart that went into the super guerilla ninja-style making of this video, so my eternal gratitude to all these guys for their time, love and support. It’s been an exciting experience to see the pictures in my head come to life, all thanks to everyone’s hard work. High fives all around to the gung-ho crew and bad-ass editors, and much applause to my wonderful actors who are just TOTES ADORBZ. And let’s not forget a bow to the boys in the band for making such a kick-ass song that makes me feel like an angsty teenager in a John Hughes movie all over again. I <3 all you guys!

I’ll be posting some music video behind-the-scenes and contests in the next week, so keep your eyes peeled.

‘Til then, Happy Valentines Day to all you darling friends and lovers! I send you guys cyber hugs, kisses and boxes of chocolates in the shapes of Snoopy, Justin Bieber or Edward Cullen, whatever your personal preference (I’m a Snoopy kinda girl, myself).


p.s. I got the inspiration for the credits titling format from my friend, director Dan Zacharias. Check out his rad mind-bending music video for some major EPICness. He’s got like helicopters and horses in it, for cripes sake!!! Amazing!

7 responses to Music Video: Uh-Oh! by Ex-Boyfriends

  • marlita says:

    ahhh i love it. i’m a sucker for this type of stuff. hats off to all. amazing!


  • your ex-girlfriend says:

    You are awesome.

  • Sweet! Well done, Love!

  • [...] can check out Love’s blog post about making the video and be sure to like it on YouTube, share it on Facebook and make everyone you know and love watch [...]

  • Alisha says:

    This is one of my all time favorite EXBF songs. I have pogo danced several times at their shows, and this song has pulled me through some harsh times. You did a GREAT job capturing the energy and emotion. Superb. Loved how the focus would change, and the shots are simple GORGEOUS- even the train platform! Girls were super cute too. I am so impressed! Congrats!!!

  • nosnafus says:

    Beautifully executed. If this was shot ninja stylee that makes it 1000x more beautiful.


  • mike says:

    totes amazeballz.

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