Exhibition: Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

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One of my photographs is on display at the Natural History Museum‘s NATURE LAB show in L.A. I haven’t seen it yet, but my friend Brett Novak sent a pic and assures me that, “IT’S HUGE!!”


I’ve exhibited in art museums before, but this is the first science institution, which for some (birdbrain) reason makes me feel like a LEGIT Naturalist.


Much thanks to Sam Easterson, the Senior Media Producer of the Nature Lab, and all the good folks at the museums! And of course, much love to this little house sparrow, and all of the beautiful wildlife out and about in the Great Outdoors.

Do visit the Natural History Museum and the Nature Lab if you’re ever in L.A. It’s a pretty rad place!

Work: My tribute to SANDMAN in Mash Tun Journal

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I love dreaming. Day dreaming. Lucid dreaming. Dreaming up art I want to make, and photos I want to take. I live and frolic in the Dreaming most of the time. So I created this photo essay in homage to Neil Gaiman‘s SANDMAN graphic novel series about DREAM, the king of dreams and imagination, and his siblings, the personifications of natural forces known as The ENDLESS. (I do not say this lightly, but the Sandman comic series published by VERTIGO is one of THE greatest literary and graphic masterpieces of our time. If you haven’t read it yet, please do.)

As this project was slated to be published in Mash Tun Journal, a fine craft beer periodical, I enlisted Plex Lowery, the free-agent rogue comic book artist of KnifeXLife, who is also one of L.A.’s best bartenders, to design three cocktails inspired by the Sandman comic characters. When he carefully poured Absinthe on a sugar cube and set it aflame over a mason jar, I knew I had picked the perfect mixologist for this assignment. It was a Dream come true, as he totally got the concept! (As did Jamie, my awesome editor over at Mash Tun, who gave me the thumbs up when I pitched this random tribute to a comic book that has absolutely nothing to do with beer. Thanks for letting me run with it, Chief!)


Photography by LOVE ABLAN /// Recipes by PLEX LOWERY

I cast the beautiful and voluptuous Ryan Keely (of the Muff Said podcast and Playboy TV) in the role of DESIRE, as she herself embodies that inflaming emotion, and I have witnessed both men and women succumb to her supernatural powers of attraction and seduction. And that’s when she’s just casually standing in a room, chatting nonchalantly with people about comic books, animation and awesomely nerdy movies. She was the natural fit to play Desire. (Besides, who else could rock that epic chain-bra? Like, seriously?!)


Ryan Keely as the personification of DESIRE

Then I cast the energetic and lovely Megan Hutchison (illustrator of the fantastic new graphic novel, Will O’ The Wisp, published by Archaia) in the role of DELIRIUM, for eM’s hair changes color and style constantly, and she herself embodies unpredictable and delightful chaos and psychedelic randomness wherever she goes. Hanging out with her is always a deliriously fun time that often results in blobs and swirls of rainbow paint all over the floors and walls and skin. It would have been sheer madness to not have her play Delirium.


Megan Hutchison as the personification of DELIRIUM

And though I normally dislike being photographed, I cast myself as DREAM’s peculiar sister, DEATH. You see, in the Sandman canon, Death is not at all like the Grim Reaper. She’s actually rather… nice. Kinda down-to-earth, nurturing, generally pleasant and perky. My rampant cheerfulness and relentless optimism is the bane of cynics and hipsters alike (which I suspect are the same), but I can’t even help it. It’s just my nature to look at life (and death) in a positive light. So I feel fairly confident representing the anthropomorphic personification of the unshakably upbeat Guide to the Afterworld. At least in this very loose interpretation of Gaiman’s beloved, immortal characters, whose stories I still enjoy reading to this very day.


Yours Truly, LOVE, as the personification of DEATH

The photos here are unedited, in color and without the title types, but still include Plex’s delicious recipes. (I drank all three cocktails, and they are LEGIT! Give ‘em a try!) To read the full article, titled Death and Delirium in Los Angeles, pick up Mash Tun issue #3!


Mister Sandman, Plex, making the Delirium-inspired drink at Tony's Saloon

Much thanks and love to the good folks at Mash Tun, smexy Plex, the rad guys at Tony’s Saloon, Ryan Keely, Megan Hutchison and my kick-ass photo assistant that day, podcaster and photographer Nick Ahrens (aka Robotpants). You guys were all a Dream to work with! And I might as well thank Neil Gaiman, and all of The Endless entities too, for continuing to inspire both my dreams and waking life. (Extra thanks to Megan for the gold Ankh earring to commemorate our friendship and mutual love of Dream and Death. She is also now the Keeper of all my Graphic Novels when I moved out of L.A. I am glad they have found a good home in your nest, Mother of Ravens!)

Mash Tun Journal Issue #3 - Photo courtesy of Mash Tun

And with that, I leave all of you wonderful dreamers with a little ear worm for your sweet dreams tonight…

♪ Mister Sandman…
Bring me a dream…
Make her the cutest…
That I’ve ever seen… ♬

I’ll see ya in the Dreaming, friends. I might be dressed up as Death again. Or I might show up in spandex as the other comic book dreamscaper, Nightmask. I suppose that depends on you, and whether you’re a bigger fan of DC or Marvel. And exactly how much craft beer you’ve had to drink. We shall see…

Work: Mercedes-Benz Superbowl “Soul” Commercial

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I worked on last year’s Mercedes-Benz Superbowl commercial and it was my DREAM assignment. I got to photograph Usher, Willem DaFoe, Kate Upton and the ever charming Sebastian Beacon, up close and personal. We spent a week shooting in Los Angeles, then we all flew down to the gorgeous city of New Orleans (which I promptly fell head-over-heels in love with), where I ate my weight in authentic seafood gumbo and listened to a lot of Concrete Blonde. PLUS, I got to scope out the sweeeeet new Mercedes-Benz CLA before it was publicly announced. (I am the first to admit, it is a sexy, sexy car that makes me wish my current auto lease would end already. Rawrrr!)

As if all of that wasn’t already freakin’ amazing enough, I also got to shoot the magazine covers for GQ, Architectural Digest, Details and Traveler for the Benz commercial. (I also shot a ton of hilariously epic photographs of Sebastian riding a white horse and wielding a mighty sword for the Vanity Fair cover, but they wound up using a video still for the final edit, I believe. I might post some of the outtakes another time because they are pretty amazing.) I’m still kind of in disbelief actually, because it completely melts my brain seeing my photography work in this context. CRRRAZY. Totally cray-cray.

I sincerely cannot stress enough how eternally grateful I am to Mercedes-Benz, the ad agency, my fellow NINJAS of the behind-the-scenes unit, and all of the cast and crew of this wickedly rad Superbowl commercial, for letting me live out my Annie Leibovitz dreams to the fullest. …And I didn’t even have to sell my precious SOUL to do it!!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! From the bottom of my creative-driven heart, I humbly thank you all. <3

Now that it’s Superbowl season again, I’ll be posting a few more behind-the-scenes from this assignment in the next few days. Until then, here’s the video (directed by the awesome Dante Ariola)! You can also see the extended cut on youtube. Even if I hadn’t worked on it, I’d still love this commercial. (You just can’t go wrong with Sympathy for the Devil by The Rolling Stones — it’s one of my all-time favorite road trip songs, with the windows down, driving alllll the way up Highway 1.) I hope you guys love it too. Enjoy!

Peace up! A Town Down! YEAH
(I shoot fully manual, so most people can't focus my camera.)

(p.s. Now that I’m a forest-adventurer-with-a-camera traipsing across the wilds of the Pacific Northwest, I do have to add one last thing to this post, which is: “…GO SEAHAWKS!“)

Work: Edward Norton for Verizon Commercial

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Can you jump on a plane at 4:30AM to photograph Edward Norton for Verizon?”

There’s really no other acceptable response to that question, is there? And hesitation is not an option on an assignment like this. So, about 6 1/2 hours later, well before the sunrise, I sped down Highway 30, rushed through the PDX airport parking garage, ran down the carpeted corridors, anxiously huffed and puffed at the TSA checkpoint while they leisurely scanned my camera bags, then in a last-minute dash, sprinted to the gate like a frightened gazelle, and by the sheer grace of the Powers That Be, barely made it on board my flight just before the doors closed, Indiana Jones-style. Whew! Luck be a lady, that early morning.

The funny thing is that the “48 Hours” commercial itself plays out much like my entire trip to Los Angeles, minus the karaoke part. I’d tell you guys more of my crazy adventures that week, but, I’m (as usual) running off to work right now, so perhaps I’ll save these tales for another time.

Besides, the first rule of photographing Edward Norton is… you DON’T TALK about photographing Edward Norton.

I will say though, he’s really gracious and very cool about having his picture taken, which I genuinely appreciate. It was an honor to work with him, and with all of the cast & crew of this very fun commercial. It’s always a joy and relief to work with such consummate professionals. (Also, the goat and ferrets were pretty rad too!) Much thanks to Verizon and the agency, and everyone I worked with on this assignment for such a wonderful experience. And I am so very thankful to director of social media videos, Adele, for believing in my skills and vision, and flying me out to do the job, when L.A. already has such an abundance of talented photographers. I feel incredibly grateful and blessed for the opportunity. Thank you!

Anyway, without further ado, here is the awesome commercial — enjoy!

Flickr Pix: My East Coast Family <3

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Though I’m grateful to be in Oregon to work on my ‘big picture’ plans and that I get to spend dinner with dear friends tonight, I also REALLY miss my family on the East Coast very much. I wish I was somehow there today to enjoy Thanksgiving with them too. I know I don’t tell them this enough, but they are in my heart and thoughts always. By some Christmas miracle, I hope I get to see them and smoooosh their faces this holiday season. (Dear Santa, I’ve been real good, so please put roundtrip plane tix from PDX->JFK in my stocking this year. Mmm’kay? Thx!!)

Love you dudes! Save me some Filipino food, why dontcha??? (Even though I’m Pescetarian now and can only eat like… 11% of the massive family party buffet. At least I can still enjoy the familiar and comforting aroma of some good ol’ fashioned home-cookin’. Garlic rice, drooooool…)








More pix from my last trip to visit the FamBam, on my candids Flickr set: [ EAST COAST FAMILY ]

Hi Fashion’s PUPUSA Music Video premiere & BTS pix

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So I directed this music video for art-dance-punk band Hi Fashion which premiered on MTV Hive yesterday. MTV calls it, “a pleasantly satisfying explosion of weirdassery to rival the videos of Die Antwoord and their nemesis Lady Gaga.”

Die Antwoord and Lady Gaga?? EFF YEAH!!! I feel like my job here on planet Earth is DONE, haha. Ok, not really, there’s still more fun things to make in this lifetime… but this music video is definitely one of the more memorable collaborative projects, and I’m blessed to have worked with such a great group of talented folks. (Weird side note, I used to work at MTV Networks many years ago, so I feel like my life has suddenly come full circle, except now I’m on the other side of the content-development equation. Wacky.)

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the music video as much as we thoroughly enjoyed making it. EPIC FUN TIMEZ!

PUPUSA is kind of my directorial homage to Hype Williams, and also includes many obscure references to random things that I love, like sacred geometry (we called the white/blacklight set, “The Temple of the Hyper-Cube“), sequences of threes, the neon TRON world, primary color blocking, comic book superheroes, tribal masks and Mondrian-esque patterns. I like to hide all kinds of secret references in my work, purely for my own amusement. (NOTE: You gain +3 points if you can find me in the Pupusa video!)

If I haven’t said it enough in my last behind-the-scenes post, I just adore this cast, crew and band. Love love love. The bubbly magic concoction of everyone’s talent and energy is what really makes this music video a percussive “explosion of dance, color and art drenched in a sexy, sexy sauce.” Just look at everyone’s faces, so much delicious attitude and beautiful vibrancy. Talk about ‘sexy sauce’. And then there’s the song. You know you love a song when you’ve spent countless hours sitting with your video editor in a dark room, playing it over and over and over again during the editing process, but you still can’t help but pump the volume and dance to it whenever it randomly plays on shuffle in your car.

I am so absurdly grateful for everyone who worked on this with me, and to everyone that’s been sharing the music video on ye olde social media sites. It was such a fantastic experience and I’m soooo very happy this orgy of volatile creativity has finally been released into the world. Amazing. From the bottom of my heart, thank you everyone. I will think of you all every time I eat a piping hot pupusa. Or M&Ms with my popcorn. Om nom noms!


PUPUSA Music Video BTS

PUPUSA Music Video BTS

PUPUSA Music Video BTS

PUPUSA Music Video BTS

PUPUSA Music Video BTS

PUPUSA Music Video BTS

PUPUSA Music Video BTS

PUPUSA Music Video BTS

PUPUSA Music Video BTS

PUPUSA Music Video BTS

PUPUSA Music Video BTS

PUPUSA Music Video BTS

PUPUSA Music Video BTS

PUPUSA Music Video BTS

PUPUSA Music Video BTS

PUPUSA Music Video BTS

PUPUSA Music Video BTS

Hi FashionPUPUSA Official Music Video
Director: Love Ablan
Producer: Lou Becker
Choreographer: Danny Dolan
Editor: Alex Scott
Music: Hi Fashion
Wardrobe: Hi Fashion
Makeup: Marco Campos
Dancers: Danny Dolan, Lou Becker, Maurice Harris, Natty Oliver, Jamila Glass, Anna Curtis, Kathryn Burns, Vera Miao, Rick Gradone, Jen DM
Camera Op: Jarek Khoilian
Asst Camera: Britt Ringer
Asst to Producer: Jake Weinraub
PAs: Nicole Miyahara, Jessica Jones
Special thanks to Maya’s Pupuseria in Lincoln Hts, and Jim Mahfood

Behind the Scenes: HI FASHION – Pupusa Music Video

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Three days later and I’m STILL reeling from our music video shoot for HI FASHION. It was (and is) a cosmic explosion of dance and music and visual expression. BOOOOOOOOOOOM! And a new, interstellar nebulae was born in the chaos, and expands into the ether of space… I really have no way to articulate the whole experience in words. I can’t even. I can’t. But this LOLcat kindaaaa sez it all:

There was just SO MUCH… EPIC-ness. The costumes and color palettes are like a cross between X-Men vs Thundercats vs TRON. There’s sacred geometry, graffiti street art, neon blacklight, war paint, confetti canons, and slow-motion fringe in the wind. My brain can’t even process it all yet. My pupils dilate to Anime-size every time I review the footage, it’s all so absurdly wonderful. On playback, you can actually hear me going, “WTF!!!! OMG!!! WTFFFKKKKKK??!!!!” and everyone else on-set (especially Rick, haha) just moaning and hollering in ecstatic delight. So good.

I’m also still reeling from the sheer tidal wave force of incredible talent and creative energy that every single person brought to set. Everyone and every thing was on point. The hair, make-up, wardrobe, choreography, sets, props, camera, lights, food, location, rentals, setting up, wrapping up, ALL of it. The entire production went so smoothly, I couldn’t have asked for a more efficient team. And the performers and dancers, goodness gracious, they BROUGHT IT. There was twerking, there was freaking, there was krumping, there was fan dancing, there was twitching seizures, there was kinetic movement that defies definition. And the outfits are INSANE, so put all of that together, and it’s just total sensory overload.

I am truly blessed to have worked with such a passionate and professional team of creative people on this music video. SOOOO MUCH LOVE, THANKS & HOTTT PUPUSAS to: Jen DM, Rick, Lou, Danny, Marco, Jake, Jarek, Britt, Natty, Jam, Maurice, Anna, Kate, Vera, Jessica and Alex. You guys all rock my stripe-y socks off, and I am so grateful for your time and talents, and your beautiful existence in this grand Universe. Everyone’s good vibes and high-energy just made the shoot so much fun, and I think it’s gonna show in the final cut of the music video. Lightning in a bottle, my dear friends. WE HAZ IT. ^_^

And so… now I’m off to hunker down in the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego to make my key selects and begin the editing process with our awesome editor, Alexandria Scott. We’re planning for a Fall release. Until then, here’s some of my behind-the-scenes iPhone pix. You can also look up #theworldofhifashion on Instagram for everyone’s photos from on-set.

Pupusa Music Video BTS

Natalya, Jen DM and Jam represent Los Angeles with our neighborhood homies.

Pupusa Music Video BTS

Rick devastates, in yo face!

Pupusa Music Video BTS

Jen DM at the Altar of the Hexahedron

Pupusa Music Video BTS

Maurice, Guardian of the Cube of Knowledge

Pupusa Music Video BTS

The Neon Priestess

Pupusa Music Video BTS

The Knights of Neon

Pupusa Music Video BTS

Stray cat strut with Anna Curtis

Pupusa Music Video BTS

Kate, Vera and Anna on the RIGHT side of the train tracks.

Pupusa Music Video BTS

Camera Dept: Jarek, Britt and me. GO TEAM! ...STEVE HOLT!!!

Pupusa Music Video BTS

The A-CAM view from Video Village

Pupusa Music Video BTS

And that's a wrap...

Pupusa Music Video BTS

Found on the train tracks: plushie of Edvard Munch's The Scream

Crazy, right??? Wait ’til you see all of this madness set to fantastic music! It’s gonna be… intense. I can’t wait to share it with you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

p.s. This is how fun it was on set. Because even though we had a girrrrrlzillion things to do all at once, we still had time to get a soft shoe in. (I <3 these boys so much!!!)

Portrait: Cisco, Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles

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Normally when I post a portrait I’ve shot, I’ll include an anecdote about how I met this person, or notes about their talents and projects. But Cisco… Cisco is a mysterious guy. I will respect his request to keep his work and secret identity under wraps, for now.

He can out-quote me on Barney Stinson sayings, which is impressive. That’s about all I am free to say. But since a picture’s worth a thousand words, I’m throwing in a couple of outtake photos from our Griffith Observatory shoot instead.

Cisco - Observatory

Cisco - Observatory


Thanks, Cisco, for a good photo shoot day at the Observatory. And for suiting up and chillin’ with me at the L.A. Ink Stains book release. That party was, as Barney Stinson once said, “legen…wait-for-it……………dary“. #virtualhighfives

‘You & I’ ukulele cover for Valentine’s Day <3

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With a name like Love, Valentine’s Day is like a national holiday for me. But because I don’t have enough airline miles (yet) to give everyone on the planet a hug, I have a tradition of posting a song on the interwebz every V-Day. It’s kinda like a virtual hug, right?

In 2011, we launched the Ex-Boyfriends’ Uh-Oh! music video on Feb 14th. Then last year, I did a cover of Mazzy Star’s Into Dust with Natalya Oliver from Project Primal. (p.s. Ex-Boyfriends and Project Primal are two of my fave bands!)

2013 has been magical already but busy-busy, so I didn’t have much time to prep for Valentine’s Day this year. But thankfully, I have AWESOME friends who were willing to spontaneously sing and dance on-camera without knowing the song, and having all of about 11 minutes to rehearse! (I’m hoping that our sheer enthusiasm makes up for our lack of practice…) Without further ado, here’s our silly ukulele cover of Ingrid Michaelson’s You & I. Please to enjoy!

I absolutely love when people are game for totally random, last-minute shenanigans. =D So much gratitude and hearts to my friends, Ian, Jamie and Laura for making this impromptu video with me. You guys are the bees knees!

In keeping with the themes of the Feast of Saint Valentine, here’s two pieces I photographed for the Hearts & Guns art show in San Francisco a few years ago. I guess I had the perspective then that love IS a battlefield and emotions can be a dangerous thing that can leave one feeling rather vulnerable. Maybe we shouldn’t be shooting our emo weapons all willy nilly in order to spare a few broken hearts. But I also know that the human heart is one tough beast, so I say throw caution to the wind and carry on, everybody. Love anyway. It’s all good.

Love Hurts
Love Hurts, Mounted Photograph, 2008

Cupid 2.0
Cupid 2.0, Mounted Photograph, 2008

Anyhoo, if you’ve been kind enough to read this far, you should probably know that you are just ONE degree away from KEVIN BACON. (I worked with him on a film once.) YER WELCOME. ;)

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Portrait: Ashley Dzerigian

Posted on 22 January 2013 | No responses

The first time I set eyes on Ashley Dzerigian, she was playing the bass on stage at the 18th St Art Center, dressed up like one of the iconic girls from Robert Palmer’s Addicted To Love music video. I loved that music video, so I was totally mesmerized by her performance. However, I didn’t actually meet Ashley until a month or two afterwards, when our mutual friend Sugarpusher Wendy invited a bunch of friends out for Ethiopian food. It was one of those, “Umm.. are you… the Robert Palmer girl?” moments. She confirmed that she was, and we’ve been good pals ever since.

I photographed the following two portraits of Ashley for last year’s Eat Your Art Out exhibition, the theme of which was Carnival. I was inspired by these actual Siamese Twins I once met in the Philippines, who played frisbee together. True story.



Though the above images served my purposes for the carnival theme of the art show, my actual favorite photograph from that portrait session with Ashley is this candid outtake:


I found the amazing dress at an Out Of The Closet thrift store. It was just perfect for this shoot — it just screams old-timey awesome. And Ashley wore the dress so very well, I wound up giving it to her as a gift. I also gave her a crazy 3-legged hoof lamp that was in my studio. But I digress…

To find out more about Ashley, here’s her Wikipedia page, her Twitter and Fender® Guitar Artists Profile. She also the bass player for Adam Lambert, so catch them on tour this year. Looks like they’re headed to South Korea and Japan this Feb.

Anyway, I’m currently working on this year’s Eat Your Art Out piece. The theme for 2013 is Creature Feature… so come see the madness on Feb 23rd at Titmouse Animation Studios! It’s gonna be a crazy, fantastic party full of rad art and rad people. Plus it benefits the Angel City Derby Girls, some of the coolest ladies in Los Angeles! If you’re in the neighborhood that day, do drop in and say ‘hi!’ The whole gang will be there! (p.s. Here’s my piece titled “Where Is Thumbkin?” for Eat Your Art Out 2011, the theme of which was Nursery Rhymes. It’s a little disturbing… but hilarious!)

Much thanks and love to Ashley D for taking time out of her busy touring schedule to come in for this random and kind of odd portrait session. I always appreciate it when people are cool with me asking weird questions like, “So… how do you feel about being a Lobster Girl?” Happy birthday, lady!!! Looking forward to our Mad Max road trip when you get back to Hell-A. <3

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